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About Last Night

Yesterday was a extraordinarily evening as I patrolled Brooklyn for 2 events that pretty much describes me to a science: eclectic and hood. First off it was to Fort Greene when I finally got to visit BRIC Media House(future home?) to witness the man that help push black rock further: Vernon Reid who was previewing his latest work with a excellent exhibition as his backdrop. He wasted no time into getting the ax(guitar for simple folk) ready and his band went through a couple of instrumentals to start off. Some was live and some was enhanced by a drum machine programmed by Reid. He even began to speak to the crowd in between songs to describe the background of them. It was typical of a man who legacy is prestigious and filled with so many unpredictable moments it was almost fitted for him to speak in non sequitur sentences. I enjoyed many of the tracks he displayed. He

commanding the space like a possessed soul who let music controlled the environment around it. To finally witness this genius in a intimate space is a treat and wish more people realize how many venues keep the arts vibrant with event like this.

I stayed for a little then headed to Greenpoint for the late night shenanigans at Good Room. It was Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty's 40th Birthday and social media extraordinaire 40 Oz. Van decided to help him celebrate in New York. The theme throughout was Lefty and Hamburger Helper so of course chopped cheese was on deck along with other helper favorites plus free D'usse cocktails always work too. It couldn't be a night without the portable photo booth this time courtesy of The Bosco. Everywhere you turn there was the little Lefty balloons in the seats, the bar or in the VIP section. I tried the chopped cheese to see if it lived up to the hype and they kept the bread but limited the chopped cheese(which sucked) but the mac and cheese was on point though.

Of course I took pictures and posted them on the 'Gram as always. Check out the account(@dgimedianyc) to see the footage. DJ Miss Milan keep the vibes with a barrage of 90s and today's hip hop for most of the night. Even though it wasn't a networking affair I still had to come through just because it was too good not to witness the wildness and free giveaways(lol) I did feel like a old man for a minute watching these youngins dancing(even though I don't dance I still feel old) I decided to stay close by the food and drink especially since the open bar was for only one hour I needed to get that drink on. Once the bar closed I decided to witness the atmosphere before heading out and the crowd didn't disappoint especially when Kendrick Lamar and Migos playing in the background. When that was over it was time to take my free stuff and kick rocks. The partylife is definitely not for me so I'll stick to staying home and write lol...

That is it for now or until the next open bar show up. Thanks to 40 Oz. Van for blessing me with the invite. Definitely needed that to motivating me to keep this blog running. Until I hit the bodega for the chopped cheese..Peace

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