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Do the Bronx have a battle brewing?

Recently I stumbled on my Twitter timeline and noticed a tweet about a female rapper named Maliibu Miitch who released a video for her latest single. I decided to give her a listen, went to her Soundcloud and look at her posted tracks and check them out. If you go on Soundcloud(which we find most of today's rappers until they become Spotify/Tidal/Apple property) who know they go from the latest track to the earliest. Maliibu's first track titled "4AM" which depicts late night shenanigans in the city is definitely a banger that if it got enough play it would be on the level of Young M.A.'s "OUUUUU" last year. As I ran through the tracks all I could think of is how Cardi B has dominated the first half of 2017 with her songs which showcased her minimal flow. Then while listening to Maliibu Miitch and thought she has a better flow and bars(which isn't saying much) but I wondered what would happened if Miitch gets a push like Cardi, do the Bronx have a battle on their hands?

Let me be clear: I don't think both will be considered Queen of Hip Hop or of the Bronx of that matter(Remy, Anyone?) I do think that Miitch and Cardi can make serious noise but for another crown: the top hood chick rapper out of the BX. Yes I called it. After all Cardi B isn't gunning to be the best ever, she just want to be your favorite but Miitch looks like she got a different plan. She wants to be the best and not only be the best to do it she some quality bars to back it up. One listen to the 4AM chorus and I could tell she wasn't the average hood chick trying to be just to be the favorite. She wants more than that and it is the crown she's after. To be honest I am glad that someone can slow down the Cardi momentum just a bit and even though Maliibu Miitch will say she's in a different lane and maybe so. From the demeanor I sense from the beat selection and lyrical content may say otherwise I still see similarities to her BX peer. This isn't a bad thing though and it may help the fact that Miitch is just getting started and have room to grow.

In conclusion I would say I definitely need to pay more attention to the Bronx now since a lot of young up and comers is popping up representing the birthplace. Maliibu Miitch vs Cardi B may not be a battle or not even exist but to me it may be the thing to help the public look at Bronx female rappers more now than before. I am glad to see this happen where for once the hood chicks got more than sex appeal they bringing skill to the table.

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