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Rob Markman @ Apple Williamsburg

I was out Wednesday night in Williamsburg checking out rapper turn journalist turn rapper again: Rob Markman. He has a lengthy career in journalism writing from the Source to XXL and all in between. He also dabbled in rap a few years back under a alias and now he going by his government and feeling free doing it. This is the first time I visit this store and was impressed(even though I dislike Apple products) but the space is perfect for intimate performances like the one I witnessed tonight. It was mostly a Q&A session with one of my heroes, Datwon Thomas former editor of XXL. The two of them go back a long time so this was a reunion of sorts. The session began with Datwon asking Rob why drop this now and what was his reasoning for it. Rob explained that he couldn't wait anymore and didn't want to have one of those moments where he could have but didn't.

The interview covered mostly about Rob's journalism and rapping and how he tried to balanced the two(by the way he still writes as a freelancer). He was pretty consistent on balancing the two jobs even though as he said it took him away from home and his family. The interview had some lighthearted moments so it wasn't all that serious. After the interview was over then a couple of Q&A from the audience, Rob performed his debut single "I Don't Wanna Wait" which closed out the evening. The crowd got hyped for the moment and sang most of the song which gave him some energy. Several hip hop heads was in attendance to show the man his respect and props which was well deserved. I, in turn realize that I definitely need to check this EP(not a album defined by the Official Chart Company) and give it a proper review. Of course I posted images on the 'gram so check them out (@dgimedianyc) and I must say to definitely check out "Write To Dream" which is on iTunes and Apple Music.

rob markman performance

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