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Las Almas Errantes

Sign Door

I know I am a week late posting this but hey better late than never. To be honest I should have done this earlier but so many events came up where I didn't get the opportunity until now so here it goes. August 4th I went to Rockaway Brewing Co for this art exhibit/pop up shop. It was called Las Almas Errantes and the list of artists that was displaying and selling their pieces to the public. It was a crazy week for me as I kept getting into art exhibit after art exhibit and wanted to take a break but I decided to give this one a shot until next week. I was also curious to finally visit Rockaway Brewing since I heard so many dope things not only about their beer but their location as it becomes a little hub for the arts here and there.

Of course trying some pizza from local hero Traze NYC doesn't hurt either. I was upset I didn't get a chance to see the opening night but figured I can at least see the last day to see what was the deal.

I walked into the building and went past the bar, I end up going back there later on but wanted to see the work upstairs. I walked upstairs and as soon I hit the top of the steps there was the first piece is right above my head: a camera replica from the 1800s it seem like. It was impressive and kept walking until I got into the space where all the art was displayed and a DJ was spinning. There was food other than pizza laid out as well but before that let me talk about what happened before I walk into the space. I met a woman named Lily who sweeping the steps and welcomed me into the space. She talked to me about how she helped set up the pop up because some of the artist were friends of hers. She also broke down how the location wasn't her ideal choice but she was able to maneuver the best way she knew how. We talked for the majority of the time I was there and she introduced me to a couple of artists that had their work displayed there. Now let's talk about the exhibit, again it was both a exhibit and a pop up shop so pieces were being sold as they was also being stared at.

The space was pretty small but I was expected more pieces to be displayed too. This is what happened when you come to the end and expect everything. I was amazed of what was available of the time I showed up. Some of the pieces of course was on my Instagram and you can tag some of your friends on the flicks. Anyhow there was some interesting displays ranging from sexual fetish to women's rights. Even the comic book pictures was great as they was discussing spirituality. I wonder why not a lot of people didn't know about this event or was they coming up later on? I talked to Lily about that and she said she didn't come up with the venue or promotion. I love the miniature statutes shape like animals and what not. It came to me that maybe this pop up shop was too good for it good perhaps or there was too many art shows going on at once that one couldn't make it all(which was true for that day) I most certainly had to go to shows later on or didn't go at all due to several factors(sorry Pioneer Works) but I did my best to attend what I made it to.

I will say this about Las Almas Errantes now. It was good while it lasted and hopefully everyone who participated and put it together got some major love aka money. Well I didn't catch any of the performances cause there wasn't enough time unfortunately but I really wasn't into performance pieces. I came for the art and got what I wanted to see. In the end though Las Almas Errantes hopefully made enough money to be profitable and if it didn't then it was a shame because it was worth the trip and beer as well.

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