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DJ Premier talks in Brooklyn

`I'm playing catch up and so far I am almost up to speed. Last Wednesday I was in Brooklyn again..this time to catch the legend DJ Premier in action. He wasn't spinning records, he was sitting down being interviewed by Rob Markman at the Genius Headquarters. For those who don't know what Genius is, just remember their previous incarnation: the controversial website that butchering rap lyrics by allowing fans to recite them and write down on the site. Nowadays they clean up and looks more professional and clean. They got people like Rob to help out their cause. The interview with Preemo is called Genius Level and this was their second one, the first was with The Dream. Of course I am always the last to know, just happen to stumble on this opportunity and hop on it quick. I got there as the line started out and look around the location which is very low key and hard to spot. You definitely needed Google Maps to find it.

Inside there was free Ciroc and popcorn(weird combo) being passed around to the crowd until the interview start. Once inside Statik Selektah played nothing but Premier production. Every track from Gangstarr to Nas was on deck as Statik cut and scratch the records like it how dee jays use to. I didn't drink(not a Ciroc boy) so I sat and waited for the participants to get on stage and start the show. Once Rob got on and then introduced Preemo it kick off with of course Nas "NY State Of Mind" then into the Gangstarr years. As the two went back and forth, Premier talked about the foundation of Gangstarr and his original crew before meeting Guru. The interview covered mostly about history of Premier and the present time. Preemo of course told us some nuggets that is hard to believe and also something to chew on. Rob covered the bases and ask some very intriguing along with the community that was given a opportunity to ask Premier as well. The interview lasted about 2 hours or so. It wasn't about the length of course, it was about how one of the great producers of my generation operate and what's his method to success. I give respect to Rob for tackling this like few would. Obviously I couldn't critique when I myself is on the come up.

With this being said the night was enlightening and insightful. I definitely gotta look around for the next Genius level event. Of course that doesn't help cause I may post it late just like I did this one. Anyhow I must say thanks to Genius for the invite and hope they keep me posted.

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