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Baeble Music Presents: A R I Z O N A & Future Generations at Industry City

Went back to Industry CIty which is becoming a haven for great outdoor concerts and events lately to witness two up and coming bands: Baeble Music Presents: A R I Z O N A and Future Generations. Usually I don't go to Sunset Park for just music so this had to be good otherwise it would be a tragedy for me to come out of Queens. I did and good thing I did because I saw two great performances along side with some good drinks. I got the chance to get a good view even though the lawn was crowded. I walked onto the lawn and waited for ARIZONA to kick off things. The band walked on stage and started off with the songs off their latest "Gallery". Their set was pretty smooth and raucous with their energy. I never got a chance to listen to their album from beginning to end but watching them live made up for it. The crowd was animated for the majority of the set then die down a bit. You can't be energized but for so long. The band kept the set simple with few breaks in between songs which kept the energy going for the most part.

After ARIZONA finished their set and a brief intermission it was Future Generations turn and close out the show. They definitely did that with that performance they gave. From colorful lighting to wailing on the microphone Future Generations did a good job of keeping the crowd live until the end. The energy was alive as Future Generations played album cuts that not even released with determination. It was a good night for a outdoor rock concert, too bad there isn't enough to go around for free in New York these days.

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