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#NewMusicAlert Rock(Heltah Skeltah) "Rockness A.P. (After Price)"

Listening to the latest track from Rockness Monstah off his long awaited debut album "Rockness A.P.(After Price)" I realized that this is long overdue. After waiting for so long and watching his Twin Tower partner(RIP Sean) dominate the independent market for nearly a decade, it's his turn unfortunately after Sean's passing. The hunger is still there and the lyrics is as brash as it was when Heltah Skeltah first came on to the scene back in 1995. The Arcitype gave Rock a knocking beat for pour out his emotions in this semi autobiographical track. Rock goes from the beginning to the fall out on Limp Bizkit's label signing to the current. You can feel the emotions come out as Rock wonders what could have been and what he faces now without his partner. Overall we should be blessed to see the legacy continues and hopefully this new chapter and be the kickoff of it.

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