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Just being random now....


Been through so many places in these last couple of weeks, I haven't been able to piece everything together and post what's good except on Instagram. I do want to give a quick rundown of where I been and what I witness so far just to close out the summer in style. From art galleries to block parties your boy is back to chronicling what's happening in the city.

First I was at the Wix Lounge(nice plug) for the Serato Sample event. Serato just launch a new program where one(a producer) can chopped a sample so precise and loop to the point where it would take a trained ear to know what song it came from. I sat down and listen to the ambassadors of the brand as they discuss the benefits of Serato Sample and how it can help elevate your production techinque. To be honest it do take skill to operate the program, it's connected to the Serato program so for those who already have it they will be ok. Everyone else it will take a while to master the program. Either way I looked at Serato differently now. Instead of it being the death of deejaying I feel it is more acceptable more now than ever. I feel this concept will make most in the music industry use the product and put it in the light it deserve to be in.

Next stop: Brooklyn. I went to two locations: Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy aka Stuyvesant Heights. I went to check out the EP release party for Dash Machete's "Jigsaw" I never heard of this female MC before and decided to give her some play before checking in. While listening to her Soundcloud, I was impressed by her delivery and subject material. While listening to the music at 727Create I came to the conclusion that New York need to stop saying there's a shortage of female rappers because they out here, you just not paying attention. After the release party I headed over Pitchfork Media's Best of the 60's party which sparked my curiosity because I thought it was a discussion of 60s music instead it was a group of DJ's spinning the best of the 1960s courtesy of Pitchfork's Spotify playlist which is 8 hours so you do the math on how long they partied till. I didn't stay till the end but it was enlightened to see the people dancing endlessly to timeless classics.

Next up: Spike Lee's annual Micheal Jackson block party. This was the first time I ever went to this festival and must admit I need to go there again. Even though there was no performances there was Micheal Jackson songs playing via DJ Spinna all day long. The scene was beautiful as people filled up the block with their kids, families and friends doing tributes to MJ. I realized I was in Brooklyn when they was selling nutcrackers and smoking weed among the family like atmosphere. The man Micheal wouldn't be pleased with it but I got to admit it was nice knowing so much people in Brooklyn(and maybe from the outer boroughs) had so much love for him. From this I can definitely see the Prince versus MJ debate going forever. These activities was the best way for me to close out my born month in style. I got my drink on watching the fight between Mayweather and McGregor (tiger bone wine is the move) then prepared myself for the Labor Day madness in which I will talk about soon.

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