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Nefertitty TV Screening

I went to Anthology Film Archives this evening to see Nefertitty TV premiere screening. To give you the rundown of Nefertitty was a short film that premiered at the African American Film Festival in Philadelphia a couple of years back. SInce then it involved into another film: Nefertitty In Space and now a series. Created and co produced by Lola Rocknrolla Nefertitty is a blaxploitation spoof that features Maine Anders as the title hero who fights racism in her own way with a few curse words here and there. I got to watch the heroine in action for the first time on a small screen tonight and I must say I was impressed by the dialogue and action. Being a comedy has its perks where in case the jokes were action packed just as Nefertitty threw a punch to the Neo Honkeys. I won't get into specific with the episode because you have to watch it to believe it. I will say that you do not laugh during the show then you have no pulse or soul whatsoever.

The opening credits starts with a young Nefertitty walking down the block screaming "Power To The People" then it segways into a older Nefertitty doing the exact same thing to the neighbors. During the opening episode you see her get kidnapped by some thugs hired by the "Velvet Hammer" who tells Nefertitty that his daughter is kidnapped by the Neo Honkeys and so the adventure begins. We see Nefertitty go through hoops trying to find her all the while we see racism in bit parts(like the scene where she couldn't hail a cab in New York) Throughout the episode you see the play on racism as it is the central theme of Nefertitty and they play it well and doesn't schmooze any of the dialogue pertaining to it. I thought the writing was great and the acting kept me intrigued to what could happen next. For something being independently funded the cast and crew did bring a character in the best light it could and I hope more people get the opportunity to see Nefertitty on whatever channel or online. It is a keeper to binge watched.

I won't write too much on the show because I got a interview coming with Lola(director) and the cast about the show so look out for that. And more information on Nefertitty TV go to

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