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Lola Rocknrolla & Maine Anders: Dynamic Duo Part 2 Interview

This time Maine chimes in about her input for Nefertitty....

How much fun was it to shoot the episodes?

Maine: Oh. Em. GEE!!! So much fun!

Is Nefertitty your favorite character to do?

Maine: Absolutely by far Nefertitty is my favorite character to play. I was obsessed with action characters and superheroes as a kid. Now I get to play one!

How much input did you have with the script?

Maine: Lola Rocknrolla is a genius and a hilarious riot! We are very in sync creatively and have similar humor. Whenever we read through the script. I might throw something extra out. If she laughs hysterically it usually becomes a banter back and forth and more magic is created. A lot of the stuff we come up with might not resurface again until many episodes later because once we're in a roll it's kinda hard to stop. You can't just jam all the material into one episode so the material that's a fit for that particular episode is what makes the cut.

Was there any improvisation on your part for the show?

Maine: Always! It's nice to have that freedom on set. Not everything that comes out always lands, but when it does I'm happy I could have some part in making people laugh.

How much training you had to do for those fighting moves?

Maine: The training was pretty extensive. As it turns out I'm a natural so it didn't take that long. Whoa...was I ever sore! It took me about three weeks for my body to recover! My big toe was numb for a month!

Do you want to see Nefertitty get a love interest? A sidekick

Maine: Oh Nefertitty always has a love interest if not several. But I'd like to see her settle down. It's hard to do though when you're saving the world! A sidekick would be a great addition to her posse!

What do you think about the future of Nefertitty? Will she keep on fighting neo honkeys forever?

Maine: Nefertitty will keep fighting in and all that stand in the way of unity and love. Power to the PEOPLE!

What is next for you?

Maine: Nefertitty is what's next for me! She's the superhero this world needs right now. All of my other wonderful projects are just preparation for that journey. I recently finished a horror thriller and I'm currently starring in a theater murder mystery. These projects are right in tow with Nefertitty.

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