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Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2017

I get the opportunity to talk about this year's edition since I finally get the opportunity to cover it. I stumbled onto the Horror Film Festival a couple of years back while doing another one of my film festival runs. As usual I can't do it all alone so while doing one film festival meant the horror film festival got a backseat. The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is a competitive festival meaning all films that is being screened will be up for a award throughout the festival. Of course every film in there is horror or close to the genre as it could be. The festival which runs from October 12 - 15 will feature films in different locations throughout Brooklyn such as Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Greenpoint. There will be parties, art shows and a ghost hunt to keep it in the Halloween spirit.

I, myself will be around covering the festival from all angles. For the horror buffs that lives in the five boroughs purchase your badges at before it's too late. Even though I am not a horror buff but as a film critic I will enjoy getting spooked for a change instead of watching dramas. Definitely go to the website above and be sure you get your badges in before the ghost hunt starts.

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