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Veronica Screening At Videology (BHFF Fear In Focus)

Yesterday I was watching Veronica as part of this year's Brooklyn Horror Film Festival at Videology in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Veronica is a Mexican psychological thriller which is about two women(or one?) who are together in the forest learning about each other and their secrets gets the best of them. Without getting into detail about the film in which you got to see it to believe it. First and foremost, if you never been to Videology to watch a movie, I got to say it's quite a experience because you have the bar on the outside and a intimate setting to watch movies inside. You can also bring your drinks from the bar to the theatre which is cool. The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival decided to screen one of their competitive films in there and I believe the venue was right for it. After all who doesn't need a few drinks while watching a psychological thriller in the middle of the day in Williamsburg? I know for me it was definitely that other than smoking a blunt to the face but that's neither here nor there.

Let's get back to the screening. Veronica is a excellent study of what happens to the mind and the subconscious of it. Where so many memories that one doesn't want to remember can block your emotions and thoughts about others. The main characters Veronica de la Serna played by Olga Segura and The Psychiatrist played by Arcelia Ramirez meets because Veronica's last therapist disappears without a trace. While the psychiatrist tries to figure Veronica out it seems that maybe Veronica figures her out and now she turns defensive in her emotions. Throughout the film you see mind manipulation at a all time high between the two from sex to growing mushrooms. Olga as Veronica is brilliant as she goes from know it all to devious in a process and Arcelia is good as the elder woman who learns more about herself as the days progress. Once reaching the climax of the film you come to realize the women has a lot more in common than was lead to be. I enjoyed the dialogue aka subtitles since everything was in Spanish and the cinematography was on point as the shots of the forest gives the film that feeling that if you think your mind is clear think again.

Got to thank the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival for giving me the opportunity for screening this work in which I highly recommend to you when or if it comes to the States and if don't you already know it streaming somewhere online. Also if you missed out on the film festival tonight is your final night to catch it. For information on tonight's festivities go to if you miss it you got to wait till next year.

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