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Conversation with Dee Bailey

Lately I been on Facebook chatting away looking at the madness that ensues from sun up to sundown. During that time I was hopping in and out of modeling groups as models look for media outlets to promote their brand or themselves. I came across talking to Dee Bailey a independent model from Georgia I got a chance to talk her about her career and the movement she help create and what her future will be. For information on Dee go to Her Facebook Profile Read below as Dee talks to me and comment feedback in the comment box below. Thanks Dee!

What inspired you to get into modeling?

Dee: I have always wanted to be a model I love being in front of the camera and my best friend is a model she encouraged me and supported me. Thank you, Jacqueline Davis!

Who are your model influences?

Dee: Jacqueline Davis, Claudia Florence, Jamila Choyce and Tess Holiday.

Do you believe plus size models snap at each other more than petite models?

Dee: No I do not but some models do look at each other as competition.

What are your thoughts on the difference between plus size and petite modeling.

Dee: My thought that plus size model have just as much confidence and opportunity as a petite model.

Has the modeling been exactly what you thought it would be? Dee: No it is a lot harder than it looks but I love it.

Which sites are you featured?

I was published in Women Power magazine and Shapely magazine.

Are there any brands/companies that you dying to work with? Dee: Emperial Thomas, Color Me Curvy, Urban spice, Buxom Beyond, Courbee Revolucion and Queen Size.

Any plans on traveling out of your state soon?

Dee: Yes I plan to go to Texas.

Have you surveyed the plus size modeling scene?

Dee: Yes I have What makes you different than the others? I have my own look positive motive and drive.

What you have planned for the future? Next year? 5 years?

Dee: I plan to be published in many magazines, travel to different states for photo shoots and fashion shows.

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