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Fool's Gold New York's Loudest Show

On Thursday I made a trip to Brooklyn(Williamsburg to be exact) for finally witness a Fool's Good show. I always miss a chance to go to one due to unforeseen circumstances and ticket prices(laughs) In this case I finally got a chance to witness a showcase(for free!) that featured G Herbo as the headliner. The show was packed with youngins and some industry heads but to me the highlight was the venue: The Paper Box. The venue have a great backyard/outdoor garden view with the walls spray painted with dope art all over it. There was food specials and a cash bar for us patrons and it wouldn't be a Fool's Gold show without a shop for merch promoting the label. DJ Tara kept the crowd at bay until the performers jump on stage.

First off was Flipp Dinero, a Brooklyn native who gain traction with his project "The Guala Way" and his high energy singles that captured the attention of Cinematic Music Group to sign him up. His performance was reminiscent of his songs: emotional and riot incited. It help get the early crowd going as they started to file in from the slight chill night outside. Even though I didn't appreciate the rapping over vocals concept which seems to be the trend for today's rappers, he still kept the attention of the crowd with his team dance moves and screams of Gwala Gang throughout his set. Next up was the group G Worthy which consist of West Coast young upstarts: G Perico and J Worthy along with producer Cardo. I have to say their performance was definitely worth the admission. I am upset for not listening to their solo projects but this group concept remind me of 90's g-funk gangsta rap. It was nice to not listen to the current trap trend that plagued both coasts and watered down the quality of music lately. G Perico definitely was in a zone with his histrionics and constant swig of Patron. The majority of the set was of his songs even though it was back and forth between the two it was definitely Perico's time to shine. Not to be in the background J Worthy held his own with his gang banging introspective lyrics. I had to head home and listen to their solo projects to realize how dope these two were and hopefully the group can drop a few more projects in the future.

Jesse Marco, another DJ on the scene was sandwiched between G Worthy and G Herbo definitely did justice with his mixes of current hits and classic tracks with the EDM blend. The crowd went through highs and lows throughout the set as he started with ASAP Mob then went into Uzi Vert then mellow out with instrumentals. His set was definitely a set up for the main course. G Herbo jump on stage and all the phones came out flashing and taking videos. He didn't disappoint by jumping his earlier hits before getting into the new cuts off his latest "Humble Beast" which was released back in September. As he kept his hood over his head G Herbo let the crowd how much he loved New York and always love performing here. This is my second time seeing him perform as I witness his performance at the XXL Freshman Tour last year which was one of the highlights of that night. Back to tonight where he has clearly grown in stage presence and catalogue he put on quite a show with only one guest: Don Q from Highbridge The Label(A Boogie with the Hoodie is on there too) and the two ran through their songs together until Herbo went back to his tracks. I was slowly becoming a fan of this kid and watching him perform I see why. It wasn't about the potential it was the emotion behind the songs and he put it all out there for the people.

Overall it was a good showing for Fool's Gold and they haven't disappointed me with my few appearances here and there. Hopefully I got another shot at another showcase if not then it is what it is. I must say that all the performers help me realize I got some serious digging to do now.

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