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Shelby Paris Interview

I recently got a chance to speak to pornstar Shelby Paris from Arizona. When I got to know her story about her being on the come up and now being featuring in some major company videos. I figure let me talk to her and let the people(you guys) know and see the beginning of a future star. Read the interview below and drop comments on what you think.

Which came first? video or pictures?

Shelby: I did modeling first before video, and decided I would love to do video as well

What companies have done work for so far and which one you look forward to working with?

Shelby: I love working with Facefucking, Gloryhole Secrets and Blowbanggirls.

What projects are you working on now?

Shelby: As of right now, I have a blowbanggirls video coming up and will be beating a record of guys blown for them.

Are you taking artistic shoots soon?

Shelby: Yes

Do you think webcam girls get a bad rep these days?

Shelby: It depends because most webcam girls are very successful and only a few have a "bad rep."

What do you think about doing interracial scenes?

Shelby: I love doing them! I enjoy every scene, no matter the ethnicity.

Why do people think interracial scenes hamper a career? Shelby: Racism is still out there, and a majority of people don't acknowledge that. It can hamper a career as people still prefer "whites with whites" and "blacks with blacks."

What are your thoughts on net neutrality and how it affect the porn industry?

Shelby: Net neutrality would greatly benefit the adult industry and will provide more customers.

What projects have you wrapped up so far this year?

Shelby: I have wrapped up a lot of videos, and plan on doing more in the future and creating customs.

Have you done any traveling this year?

Shelby: Yes, I have done some traveling.

Which male or female pornstars you look forward to work with in the future?

Shelby: I hope to some day work with the infamous Jonny Sinns and his beautiful significant other Kissa Sinns. They are gorgeous people inside and out! I also hope to work with Lance Hart as well.

Thanks to Shelby for taking the time out for the interview. If you want to see what she up to follow her on Twitter: @shelbyparis691

You want to purchase her videos go to

Check her out on Chaturbate too:

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