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Samantha Acaquaviva Talks

I got a chance to talk into a true NYC hustler and rebel with a cause: Samantha Acaquaviva. We been friends on Instagram for a while and decided since we are both located in the Empire State that we should a quick interview together just to let the people know what happens when two creative minds are together in the same room. To give you a idea of what Samantha does, She's a webcam girl, model, pornstar and if you need her to; she can do your estimates(if you a construction company) The chance came at me during a exchange on Instagram about figuring out how can we do this and of course we figure it out and decided to post it here and who knows we may do a live interview for Soundcloud. For now enjoy and if you want to see more of her or see her do construction estimates go to her Instagram: @samantha_acaquaviva

If you can describe 2017 for you in one word. What would it be and why? Samantha: Growth. I say this because I feel like I've grown so much spiritually, mentally and my work is on another level. I'm looking forward to 2018. I am embracing change as opposed to resisting it. As an artist I feel I'm growing everyday.

What you up to now?

Samantha: I've been focusing a lot on writing, I am a published writer and am working on my EP, working on my poetry books, doing photo shoots and creating my brand. I really can't wait to share my music with everyone. I also do estimates for a construction company. I'm a true entrepreneur. A nine-to-five job just doesn't fit who I am. I love to create and innovate things.

From the Snapchat and it is wild lol do you feel overwhelmed from the responses on there sometimes?

Samantha: Snapchat is crazy wild. I had to delete mine as well as my Twitter. It was getting a little intense. Dick pics, people asking me to do crazy things and offered things. I'm not crazy about social media. It definitely overwhelmed me. It is an odd place to be when people are asking for pictures aggressively. I refuse to be disrespected just because I am a woman who is comfortable in her skin and all about sex positivity.

Did you ever think you would be this popular at this rate? Samantha: Haha....I don't know how popular I am. I have my OG fans but I love everyone that can appreciate my work!

How did you get your start into modeling?

Samantha: 7 years ago I did my first shoot for a friend of mine at that time. It was a shoot for her make up portfolio. I was always photogenic so I started booking my own shoots and making good money. It felt natural to me to be in front of the camera. I worked with so many talented people and learned a lot! It also helped my social anxiety because I was representing myself and had to make business decisions based on experience and research. I love modeling and am grateful for the 500 +photoshoots I've done.

Tell us about your first scene ever- Samantha: My first scene ever was my favorite scene I ever did. It was professional, mind blowing sexually and just amazing. I was in Arizona, the whole trip was memorable. I was so nervous I think I puked like 20 times prior just from performance nerves. It was one of the best times of my life.

Whats the best scene you done so far? Samantha: Hmm....honestly there are many I love so it is hard to choose just one. I always had a great time filming and always felt in control. Let's say my shoot with Wasteland!

What other models/photographers you look forward to working with?

Samantha: I look forward to working with new photographers and traveling a lot more. I would love to work with Riley Reid, Janice Griffith, Lana Rhoades, James Deen again. We will just have to wait and see. I am also working with Camsoda.

Which shoot did you have the most fun with when on set?

Samantha: I would have to say my first scene was the most exhilarating! The most exciting. It was with someone I appreciated and respected. So definitely shooting with James Deen was truly an amazing sexual experience! Also shooting the cover and spread for LXIX magazine. I had a great time shooting with Adam the owner and friend of mine!

What are your opinions on pornstars on social media? good? bad or ugly? Samantha: My opinions on pornstars on social media is that it is a great way to market yourself and your brand as well as networking with other performers and production companies. It is a platform for the performers to share their work and what scenes they have coming out! I think as performers we deal with a negative stigma due to society and close minded ways of thinking. When I was using Twitter, it helped me connect with my fans and share my work. The downside is all the negative backlash and comments we receive. For example, a guy will comment "you're so beautiful now show me your tits" I responded please don't talk to me like that, the next thing I know he was calling me nothing but a porn star. My point is how can you be so hypocritical? So you enjoy watching us perform for your own pleasure but have no problem talking badly about us when we don't respond to your tweet or something. I think it's ridiculous that we get ridiculed but again we are performers and we are on camera so people feel entitled to write negative things and assume they know us personally. Besides the assholes on Twitter, I think it is a great platform for performers. People need to remember we are human beings. I personally don't care what people say about me. What are your thoughts on the porn industry? Is it saturated? Hostile?

Samantha: I have so much love for the porn industry. It is a safe way to explore your sexuality and make a living off of it. It also gives you a platform to build your brand so I see that as a benefit. It truly depends who you work with and how you go about getting into porn. I recommend everyone to do their research before getting into the business and make sure you work with the best of the best and always put your safety first. I absolutely love the porn industry and I find it very empowering personally. It allowed me to explore my sexuality and discover what I enjoy and what I don't. People forget that the adult industry is a business. Just like any other business, there are pros and cons. I love this industry but research is crucial before jumping into anything. I have directed and produced adult movies. I love everything about it. I just have heard of girls who have been financially taken advantage of and that is not OK!

What are some of the shoots you got coming up now?

Samantha: I have a lot in the works. I'm starting a blog to discuss the importance of sex positivism. The importance of knowing your worth and creating a website where people can share their experiences and ask me advice regarding sex, relationships, etc. I am a published writer and have my articles published on I want to help upcoming models and guide them in the right direction. There are so many bad people in this world and if i can help, that would make me happy. I directed and produced a photo shoot based on Jim Morrison and his love, Pam. That was one of my favorites. I have plenty of shoots coming up, working on developing a hair and skincare line as well. I am also working on my poetry book which is almost done. I also am going to release a single from my EP. I have been writing since I was 7. I can sing, write, act and rap. I'm truly an entrepreneur. I can't wait to share my music with the world.

What is your favorite scene of 2017 that you shot? Whether it was for your site or someone else? Samantha: I shot a lot in 2017. I would have to say my favorite shoot was for a feminist porn site called I love working with Angie, the owner. It was really fun. I also did a lot of fun photoshoots. Shooting with Wasteland was another favorite. Also, I did a lot of creative photo shoots and I'm very proud of.

Tell us about your affiliation with 420 brands? Samantha: I talk to plenty of 420 brands because I am a firm believer in Marijuana being a positive plant with many medical benefits. You will see me representing quite a few different companies. shout out to blazevapor and all the other blazevapor girls!

Are you a advocate for 420 rights? Samantha: YES! I believe marijuana should be legal. Personally, I love smoking. It helps me relax, helps my anxiety and I just love the overall culture. There is so much positivity and love associated with Marijuana. I would love to grow my own strain! Look out for that lalakush. I love grass and everything about It! Alcohol is legal and kills many people as you know. Not to mention how bad it is for your body and overall health. While Marijuana is illegal and people are thrown in jail over a little weed. That is bizarre to me because there are zero deaths from marijuana. I think it would be beneficial to legalize

What are your future plans? What things do you have coming up shortly? Samantha: I have a lot of things I'm working on and a lot of things coming up, my EP is going to be coming out within the next few months I'm going to drop a single from it soon. A lot of photoshoots and a lot of scenes to come. Also like I said I'm working with camsoda, they are an awesome webcam series that take great care of their talent. I'm working on publishing my poetry books as well. Hopefully I'll be performing my music on stage soon! I'm really focused on creating music and writing. Also I am doing estimates for construction, working on a hair/skin product line. Stay tuned!

Once again thanks Samantha for doing this and look out for her ventures and stay posted on her IG stories on the 'gram: @samantha_acaquaviva

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