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Starlet On The Rise: Dahlia Von Knight

Lately I been planning on interviewing more pornstars since I got this site and so far not too many takers. I figure why not start at the bottom and look at the amateurs. After all that where the diamonds in the rough or the great potential or one hit from breaking through. Plus on my old blog I interviewed so many independent amateurs I figure why not go back to that for this site. I came across this beautiful chubby rising pornstar from the West Coast named Dahlia Von Knight who has potential to be the next big thing smoking. I took a shot after reading her bio and stats to talk to her about her beginnings and come up. Sit back and smoke something while reading what the potential rookie of the year have to say.

Where you from? Dahlia: I'm from San Diego,CA - A town named Oceanside

What made you decide to get into this industry? Dahlia: Honestly, this might sound pretty bitchy but to get back at all those assholes that would call me ugly and fat. They're begging to get at me now and to show that big girls can be successful in this industry too.

When did you start modeling? Dahlia: I always wanted to be a plus size model since I was 13. I started to cam model when I was 18 but quickly got tired of it and wanted to do more hardcore stuff. I'm reconsidering doing cam now on the side to build up my fanbase and meet other potential girls that want to collaborate.

How did you get your start into porn?

Dahlia: I honestly don't think I've gotten my "start" yet. So far its just been a road of disappointment. I lots count of how many people are flaky and bail in this industry. All talk and no action for real. I'm still motivated to make it happen for myself and by myself until i find legit and honest people to bring with me on the ride.

What you trying to accomplish in the industry?

Dahlia: I'm trying to accomplish stability, confidence and acceptance as a BBW.

Are you independent or someone managing you? Dahlia: I am independent! All shoots and bookings, I take care of myself.

What are your turn ons/offs? What's your fantasies? Dahlia: A big turn off is when people play with or lick my ears. Turnons would be getting my ass slapped randomly, kissing my neck just gets it flowing. I like being groped and handled roughly. I don't think I have too many crazy fantasies. I'm simple. I want to fuck on a balcony where I'm easily seen. I want to take someone's virginity. I'd love to eat a girl's ass.

What is the one position that makes you cum hard? Dahlia: I'm not even sure what it's called but when I'm laying flat on my stomach and the guy is above me. Also cowgirl with a finger in my ass makes me go crazy.

Do you like your pussy eaten if so have you cum from it? Dahlia: Yes and yes!

Are you into anal play? Dahlia: Not too much. That's something I want to save for when I am bigger in the industry.

Are you big on receiving oral? Or you a giver? Dahlia: I'm big on both. I don't like to receive until I cum unless there is penetration as well. I love giving to both sexes a lot.

Do you have a favorite sex toy? Dahlia: Rabbits are my favorite because you get the clit play and penetration. I really want to try one of those plug in wands though!

What matters more? Size or Girth? Dahlia: Definitely girth. Iv'e had a guy with 4 inches make me cum and a guy with 9 not so....

Are you into public sex? public nudity? Dahlia: I hit this a little earlier. Public sex is cool with me. As for public nudity...hell yeah..every chance I get I'm always flashing my titties. People have probably seen a few pictures. One in Taco Bell and one in front of the Hollywood sign.

Do you think you would ever have a orgasm on cam? Dahlia: Yes of course! I am really hard to make cum but with the right toy it can be done!

Would you do a gangbang? Dahlia: Hell yeah! I can't wait for that.

What is your dream scene? Dahlia: My dream scene would probably just be a really hardcore, rough, sweaty, dominated B/G scene.

Are you going to travel? If so what are the major cities you want to hit? Dahlia: I'll be traveling to Vegas at the end of the month. LA in March. Detroit in May. I want to go to Oahu,HI and Texas this year as well.

Are there any companies that you dying to work with?

Dahlia: I think the obvious one would be PlumperPass because I think that's the biggest company that works with BBWs. There's lots of websites/companies that I'd love to be on but sadly not all of them work with us thick girls. I would love to be on LesbianX, Brazzers, BLACKED, and

What projects are you working on now? Dahlia: No big projects at the moment. I'm just trying to create content to get on my Pornhub channel, get lots of pictures taken and get my name out!

Be sure to see the beginning of something big on Twitter: @DvonKnightXXX and check her out on Pornhub: and view her on Instagram: @DVKnight

Thanks Dahlia!

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