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Untitled Interview

I was recently talking to someone online and told him I was doing a story for a magazine but to no avail the interview got stalled. I thought it was a good concept. The story you ask is about a person who works in the business world who lives a double life as a musician who sells cannabis(legally) to fund his music and help others at the same time. His name is BootsLove and this is our transcript of our conversation.

Immediately he got interested and wanted to talk about his story. I agreed to continue the back and forth via email and heard his story and thought to myself: this is incredible I could not believe that someone was doing this in New York and why did it took me saying I'm a journalist that it sparked interest.

What do you actually do? Besides the cannabis entrepreneurship?

BootsLove: I'm a musician working at a small studio. I also work at a NPO for the insurance.

How has New York City cannabis laws affecting you? BL: It's stressful working and walking or driving past the Police. The laws actually work in my favor because people tend to not sweat you on the price of product.

Why do you think it's a Robin Hood tactic you doing? BL: Beside I did the right thing. Millennial are a generation that were repeatedly told that school then college was the key to getting a great job.

Do you travel outside of NYC? BL: Yeah, sometimes for business but not typically

Where have you performed so far? BL: I've played all over NYC, from high school auditoriums to MSG (sounds cooler than it was, when I'm trying to get laid I will drop this gem)

Describe your first day being a "businessman" What or who gave you the inspiration to do this? BL: It started by doing to pick up for friends while picking up myself. I was inspired by the fact that a huge percentage of pro musicians sell to sustain themselves.

Do you use you use social media promote your "business." BL: A little, I just recently started talking to people on fetlife about it.

Has your passion for music or weed spilled into your regualr day gig? BL: Yeah, everyone at my job knows I don't care about anything but music. Some people know what I do to fund my goals.

Living a double life must be draining physically? Mentally? BL: Only the lack of sleep. There aren't enough hours

Do you think NYC will ever lower its laws within the next five years or less? Why or why not? BL: Yes, because the NY state gov't doesn't hate money. I think it'll be legal in 3 years.

Where can people find your music? BL: My music is online. I don't have a full solid project, but that's going to change.

How would you describe your music? BL: My music is soulful songwriting. Relatable songs about love, hate, cheating and pain.

Do you have a cannabis centric in your lyrics/. BL: I do not have cannabis centric lyrics with the expecting of an interlude called "Seeds and Stems".

Will you be doing touring anytime soon?

BL: No, hoping to gig out of town more by the winter.

Talk about the millennial statement: Did you believe that education is worth more than money? BL: Yes, but I think college education is overpriced.

Do you have any new projects coming?

BL: Yes, I'm working on an EP about a girl that hurt my feelings. I have a weed-centric interlude in there too

I did this back in April and thought it was insightful. Is there something else missing? Maybe but I'll let you the reader decide and comment below. I will have a second part with this gentleman about his music and his thoughts on the cannabis laws in NYC now. I thank BootsLove for allowing me to do this and even though it wasn't included in the magazine. I didn't let this interview go to waste. I hope y'all enjoy it.

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