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Princess Gemini Interview: Massachusetts' Finest gets her travel party on

Princess Gemini is a hot swinger babe from Massachusetts who loves a good party along with good sex. She been in the swinger lifestyle for more than a decade now and along the way she been frequented Pornhub lately with her videos showing her surrounded by both sexes. Also she has a Facebook group that broadcast her latest parties In the process she showcases her oral skills to some black men aka BBC. I got a chance to talk to her about her beginnings and what made her get into the porn scene with her swinging ways along with how her region acknowledges Big Beautiful Women.

How long you been doing this?

PG: I have been in the lifestyle for 11 years in October.

Who or what inspired you to do videos?

PG: My husband always loved the videos. We would make them ourselves for fun then when we got into the lifestyle we would make them with friends and then I got into porn.

Tell us about your club nights in your hometown? I wanted to discuss that. How did you come up with the idea for Thick Thursdays and how did you get the venue to agree to do it?

PG: Thick Thursday is a meet & greet lifestyle event for swingers & Kinksters in the community. I host it once a week in Providence RI. It's a great way to meet new people, dance and have fun. We are an on premise play event.

Would you ever bring your club night to different states? PG: I am still looking for my own venue. I do host my events all over New England. I will be hosting in NYC this October and I want to travel and see my fans all over.

Besides stopping in New York. What other states you do appearances in? PG: I am willing to travel all over. I host in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania at this time. If clubs, fans or producers wanna book me I'll travel.

How would you describe the plus size community in your state?

PG: The plus size community in the New England area is a very fun and open minded group of people. I think we have the most fun in the lifestyle. We are more open minded and willing to try new things.

How did you become a fetish?

PG: I became a fetish on That is where I build the Princess-Gemini name. I would just be myself: post pics and videos of myself and friends at parties. As my life changed I would just go with it. When I got pregnant and started lactating I would post pics and videos of me playing or of me pumping my breast milk. I used to sell it to fans. I also do gangbangs, photoshoots and love making BBC porn videos. My fans just loved to follow and watch what I was doing. Some of them even messaged me saying they couldn't wait to see whats next. We can't forget about my world famous Blow Jobs. I've had people come off airplanes to just come see me at an event

Will you do more traveling or you're done for the year? PG: Yes I will. I'm just getting started.

Are you shooting more videos in between traveling or more events?

PG: Yes doing more videos and more events. I am looking for some producers..I wanna get into so more professional videos.

For the fans who may be reading this...what would you want to tell them that they may not know about you? PG: I am working hard to build my own website, find a venue I can call my own and do a gangbang in an RV stopping in all 50 States. I also have yet to have my 1st all holes filled GB.

For the time being which sites can people see you at? Catch me at these sites for now: FETLIFE.COM- under Princess-gemini Under Princess-gemini And if you Google Princess-Gemini and BBC Google will bring you up a bunch of my videos

Thanks to Princess Gemini for this impromptu interview. Maybe I can shoot her photos the next time she comes through New York and have a live interview. Be sure to check out her sites to see what she do next until the next road trip and if you are in Rhode Island be sure to go to Thick Thursdays.

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