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Bushwick Film Festival: Double Bill

I got my pass for this year's Bushwick Film Festival and even though I didn't get a chance to visit the opening night festivities I did get to do what I wanted to do: watch independent films on the rise and critique them. I did that on Friday where I got the opportunity to watch a double bill where the theme was about sacrifice and family. I was inside Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen to watch both films which was under a hour each. I got a seat and a drink to enjoy the films.

The first film called "Wiki" is from Poland and directing by Veronica Anderrson. It was about a girl who is autistic and raised by her grandmother. Then tragedy strikes and she go lives with her abusive mother and there is where she finds true love with an man is who also autistic. The movies which runs a half hour is very compelling. The visuals is so clean and vivid. Poland's city skyline and neighborhoods are a great supporting cast. As Wiki goes from being loved to being heckled and neglected the director gives us a view where most rarely seen: how family treats their own when they are different. You get sentimental in watching her going through the motions just to feel appreciated. Anderrson definitely keeps the audience close as Wiki gets closer to being love and finally do. I was impressed by the acting and even though the dialogue was subtitled it didn't stop the flow of the movie.

The second film titled" A Day with Martha" by Josh Ethan Johnson is a documentary chronicling 24 hours with a NYC woman who drives a Lyft vehicle after living a harsh life. We get inside her car and she picks up all types of people and then she inside her house preparing to start her day(she works at night) Throughout the day she discusses her hardships, her family, losing kids and finding friends along the way. We also get a spiritual vibe from her as she prays inside her car and around her home. It was a journey where there are so many turns it's amazing the director was able to crammed as much information he did in 40 minutes. I definitely love the fact that Martha was able to be herself as much as she can. Most documentaries the subjects are sometimes a character on film and quiet off camera, Martha doesn't fit that type. During the Q&A session afterwards she talked to the crowd the same way in the film so I knew she was authentic.

This was a great double bill to start the festival weekend. It set the tone about how the Bushwick Film Festival is still cutting edge and can bring out some underrated films that needs to be talked about for a long time. I will definitely keep a lookout on both directors. I hope Martha can become a docuseries because her story is definitely needed for these times. On the next event which sound like a doozy: Fear Of a Black Planet. See you out there.

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