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Jenna Foxxx Talks

I got a chance to talk to one of the upcoming rising starlets in the adult industry: Jenna Foxxx. A BBW from the East Coast who been making strides this year performing with some top amateur companies. As I give her the Q&A via email she talks about being a rookie in the industry, her favorites and what made her step in from one arena into this one. Checkout the manuscript below.

What's your measurements?

Jenna: 40DD, 36 inch waist and 48...I believe in booty/hips I been losing weight since I first started I was 56 inches.

How long you been in the business?

Jenna: I have been in the business for about 4 months now.

How did you get started?

Jenna: I love sex and I love I figured why not I thought. I’ve been escorting for a while so it’s not much different just with a camera on.

Do you still consider yourself amateur after the work you put in so far?

Jenna: Yes I am still amateur till I work with a major company and have a dvd out and my own site.

Are you featured on any other sites?

Jenna: Yeah on Onlyfans-JennaFoxxBBW ,, Pornhub/xvideos as Jennabella95,, and last but not least a yummy threesome on

How you been able to do to keep your name afloat nowadays with so many models in the same category as yourself?

Jenna: I am independent.

Has social media help or hinder amateur porn in your opinion?

Jenna: Social media for me is everyday interactions with fans, keep everyone up to date with projects and do private bookings with fans.

What are your thoughts on BBWs being categorized or still considered a fetish?

Jenna: I don’t like that it’s considered a fetish it’s just who I am I cannot help it so I hate that it’s being called a fetish. When real men just love everyday big's not a fetish. It's just their preference which everyone is entitled to have and it is not called a fetish.

Who are your favorite co stars to work with? Do you have a dream list of stars that you haven't work with yet?

Jenna: I love working with Don Prince, Mr.Stixx, Platinum booty. There’s a lot of stars I want to work with like Alexis Allure ,Eliza Allure, Baby Doll, Julie Ginger, Rome Major, Prince Yahshua, Karla Lane, Bones Montana, Jnasty, Nasty Montana and YB just to name a few.

Has the recent sex worker laws effected you if so in what way? Do you think the industry needs to do more with testing or do it fall solely on performers to provide results.

Jenna: It has not affected me or anyone I know personally but I also am on the east coast so I know things are different over here than Cali. I do get tested every month I do not shoot unless we both have recent paper work. I do not play when it comes to cleanliness.

What current projects you got going now?

Jenna: I have 4 scenes getting released soon. Two for a site that is still in the works called fucked. Two more with bbw. I am about to shoot a bunch of new content when I go to Exxxotica in Nov..that will go on my onlyfans accounts

What can you tell to the new faces of the industry to be leery of?

Jenna: Be leery of people who say they want to book and do not do deposits. Pushy men. There are producers who won’t work with you and bash your name because you won’t fuck them. Just stay professional and when you see a glimpse of unprofessional keep it moving. Keep grinding and hustling.

When did you do your first photoshoot? Your first video?

Jenna: I haven’t really done photoshoots yet and the shoot was with urban amateurs July 10th was my first.

Will we see you behind the camera more in the future? Will you do any traveling this year? Jenna: Yes most definitely I like filming and shooting it as well both exciting. This year I did go to Chicago. I have a very tight schedule so I doubt it at most to VA on personal stuff that’s about it. Next year I'm trying to go to Vegas hopefully and North Carolina.

Thanks to Jenna for the insight. Be sure to see her in the websites above and follow her Twitter: @JennaFoxx95 and on Instagram: @jennafoxxbbw2

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