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Naia Bee: Beginning Of A Takeover

I haven't been posting for a while mainly because I wanted people to take notice of what I do and how I do. If that mean to put interviews and stories on the backburner then it is what it is. I did have a story in the wings and was waiting for the right opportunity to spring it on your guys so why not close out 2018 with one of the top independent pornstars in New York: Naia Bee. This big bosom Russian rookie has been popping up on screens this year with voluptuous spillage and serious head game. I got a chance to talk to her and we talk about many things. Enjoy the end of 2018 with a drink or smoke and read what Naia has to say and where she goes next.

What made you get into the industry?

Naia: Money and me trying to explore my sexuality in different ways.

How long you been in the industry?

Naia: Six months

Who or what inspired you to work in the industry?

Naia: I was always told that I have amazing tits and that I should use this attribute to my advantage so why not start now *laughs*

Do you see yourself being more independent as you grow in the industry?

Naia: I definitely see myself as a independent talent.

What is your opinion on the BBW industry?

Naia: It is wonderful to see the support that BBW's get in this industry. I'm all for boosting confidence and sexuality! Go BBW's!

What fetishes you have?

Naia: I'm thinking domination of men along the lines of pegging and prostate massage.

Would you do cream pies?

Naia: Not really.

What is your favorite fetish? Your least favorite fetish?

Naia: Favorite fetish would be pegging (men and women) Least favorite fetish I would have to say hard core BDSM. Physical violence is a big turn off for me.

What is your favorite position?

Naia: Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

What's a automatic cum for you? penetration or foreplay?

Naia: My automatic cum would be both foreplay and penetration.

Who would be your dream costars to work with?

Naia: I would love to work with every major star in this industry: males and females! Yes I'm greedy like that!

What sites you been on so far? which sites can people see you at?

Naia: I have been can be seen on , and

What would be considered a dream scene for you?

Naia: My dream scene would be me with two bisexual men. I would love them to play with me and watch them play with each other. Then maybe a little domination of both of them. That wouldn't hurt right?

Will you be traveling to any awards shows next year? Do you see yourself being multi nominated?

Naia: I will be attending The BBW Awards show and the AVN awards show in Jan 22-23 and hoping to be nominated as a NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR.

What projects you working on now?

Naia: Working on getting nominated as a Newcomer of the Year for the BBW Awards show that will take place in Vegas and Jan 22nd 2019.

What future projects you have lined up?

Naia: Shooting for PlumprerPass again in the beginning of 2019.

For the fans who may be reading this...what would you want to tell them?

Naia: Thank you for your support and stay tune for more of me to cum!

Thanks to Naia for having this chat with me and I look forward to seeing more of her in 2019 and beyond. Catch her out on Twitter: @bee_naia for more big boob spillage.

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