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Highlights from the Tribeca Film Festival 26/4/19

Here I am live from the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival for the first time ever and I will do what I can to continue coming here. I missed the first couple of days due to previous engagements. I made sure I was able to enjoy one full day which was Friday. I got to the Tribeca Hub and descending into the Tribeca360 Cinema where VR films are showcased based on theme. I was able to get the Go Team! theme which consist of 4 short films where teamwork(or lack of) was the premise. The short films ranged from comedy to adventure to tragic. The first film called 11.11.18 where a corporal of a unit must make life or death decisions on the spot. Once you are inside the cinema you put on a headset and headphones and once the film starts each film runs co concurrently so there isn't a gap in between. Once the headset is on your in a world during the First World War and it is quite a experience. Watching animation and graphics that seem so realistic you're in the middle of the fray. The next film called Space Buddies where a Russian man, A American man and woman attempts to go into space and once in flight they ensue into all types of hi-jinks. This one was the funniest out of the trio but also the most creative. I enjoyed the language barrier between the two men and women which for a short film it packed a lot of jokes. The final film of the Go Team theme was Mr. Buddha which was produced by HTC Vive Originals made in China. The premise is a robbery gone bad. This film where you placed as the Buddha statute that is being stolen is the most imaginative thing I've seen. From the car chase to the shootouts Mr. Buddha is probably the best VR film I've seen(I haven't seen much hahahaha)

I ventured up and down the Tribeca Hub engaging into the sight and sounds of the festival until I head off to the premiere of Linda Ronstadt: Sound of My Voice. I took some red carpet pictures of the event. Of course I couldn't get in due to the limitations of my press badge(but hey that why there's press screeners!) For a rookie at the festival I was too conservative but I learned the ropes quickly. Now on the next day of the festival be sure to follow my Instagram for on the go updates.

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