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2019 Tribeca Film Festival Highlights

I went to my first Tribeca Film Festival this year and I must say it was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I did not get see much of the festival due to previous arrangements and the badge that was given to me. I did manage to do the best I could and you will see it was a great time. First off The Tribeca 360 where films are in 360 format and seen through VR lens aka Virtual Reality. The films were so well written sometimes the visuals distracts you from the story. I discussed which ones I saw in a earlier post. The 360 films was a great highlight. Hanging out in the Nespresso and Bai Lounges was also a highlight for me but also a experience. It's never about the free beverages(non-alcohol or alcohol) It been about networking and potential clientele. I must be honest and say I didn't get to do much due to scheduling. If I get the same opportunity next year I know I will get better. Let's start with Tribeca 360 since this was the event I was able to go to the most. The stories of the films I watched was fantastic and extraordinary. I think when you was anything in VR glasses now it will make IMAX look trashed. Even though I won't pay for IMAX movies but if I do I know after witnessing 360 I'll consider it as a downgrade. The themes of the 360 films resonated with today's atmosphere: women's rights, race issues, team effort and death.

I went to the theatre as much as I could to watch all the 360 but the only segment I missed was the women's rights block which seem to be sold out every day. The other blocks was no slouch either as I wrote in my earlier post, each one was specific and powerful with their storytelling and imagery. Throughout the week I watched the premiere of the film "Goldie" featuring Slick Woods. A gritty New York story about a girl who is looking for a opportunity to get out of the hood only to face roadblocks some of it on her own doing. As the movie unfolds you witness how the big city can swallow its own whole without warning. Slick in her debut showed a presence of a veteran but you can tell that this story fits her like a glove. Writer and Director Sam de Jong seemed to have her in mind when writing this script as Slick bobs and weaves through the city streets trying to be famous and successful.

As entertaining the movie was, it does strike a chord if you are a native New Yorker or even a transplant. The struggle to keep your family together and saving money is constant. I did not get to see most of the premieres that most people seen on Instagram but the experience I gained did not need to get captured. Next year will be better for me, we shall see.

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