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Lil' Buck: Real Swan

While at Tribeca I have been getting links to most of the films being featured at the festival. I will start with the one I feel have the potential of being big or at least a huge push to get into theaters. Lil' Buck: Real Swan is about the Memphis dancer named Lil' Buck who burst on the scene a few years back thanks to a viral video from Spike Jonze. He brought jookin' (a local dance) to the mainstream and is one of its pioneers. The movie chronicles his beginnings as a kid to his school days and even up to the point where his dancing to Yo-yo Ma is recorded and sent out to the world. In documentaries like this there are usually high and lows but in this case it was more about rising to his potential. Throughout the movie there are interviews throughout as each one discusses how they felt about not only Buck but for local dancing in general getting love in the mainstream world.

I watched the movie and realized that small cities like Memphis always root for their hometown louder than most because that's all they got. Without exposure they would get caught up in the streets where no one survives. I love how the dance routines in the film are the focal point throughout the film and gives a light to the people who perfecting jookin' among other dance steps. The documentary is about Lil Buck and his fame or best yet rags to almost riches story. I love the story and the pace of the film. I definitely look forward to seeing it in theaters or on a streaming service.

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