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Five Points Fest 2019

My first time inside the Brooklyn Expo Center for this year's Five Point Fest and I must say it was long overdue. Even though it was my first time at the event but I felt like a veteran due to the knowledge of the event over the years. I walk around the tables and passed the vendors looking at the wonderful toys and artwork. As you entered you're greeted by a statute of a one eyed creature reminiscent of the Simpsons or Yo Gabba Gabba. Going past the general admission table you see the Mighty Jaxx! and P!Q tables first hand. The latest selections of toys on the tables was phenomenal. I walked around various tables from vendors ranged from Rampage/Grumble Toys to Martian put out their best displays to feature the newest toys and art. I also got the opportunity to witness the live painting showdown between artists. This was a great idea for fans and lovers get to root their favorite or learn about something or about someone new. Some of the artists who battled each other: Chris RWK, Lou Pimentel, 7 Sketches, Misa Boogie and J Corp. I didn't see all the battles but there was some extraordinary paintings that could be sold in galleries.

The beverages was on deck as Cafe Grumpy, Sixpoint Brewery and others kept the crowd cool and hydrated throughout the festival. My favorite was the cold brew from Cafe Grumpy not only was it cold it kept me going with the caffeine rush. I walked towards to the No Love City booth and studied their layout and admit their clothes was some of the best I seen from the festival. I could not leave without seeing the legend Frank Ape and his drawings. Seeing his pictures in person is a different experience than reading about it in some magazine. Another throwback moment was visiting Joe Simko b/k/a the Garbage Pail Kids artist. Those grossed out Cabbage Patch Kids knockoffs that stood the test of time and inspired a generation of gross humor is still around but less tame now in my opinion. A first timer like myself was impressed by the collection of designed toys that was for sale and that wasn't. I was impressed by the tattoo parlor I was tempted to go if I had the money to do so but next time I will. I have to thank Clutter for the invite I appreciate it and be sure to check out the pictures on Instagram at dgimedianyc.

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