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Amateur Spotlight: Maya Farrell

I got a chance to speak to the young starlet outta Florida, Maya Farrell. A young star doing her hot nerd fall during her hot girl summer this year. Born and raised in Tampa. Maya has taken the industry by storm with her personality, innocent looks and charm. I got a chance to interview the babyface as she discuss her meteoric rise through the industry and what's next for her.

Describe your personality?

Maya: I’m very headstrong, dominant but also extremely intense. So if I’m happy, I’m beyond happy and it’s beautiful to witness in person. Very intelligent woman. I take pride in how much I have achieved in my field of science and biochemistry.

Do you work with a particular company now or independent?

Maya: I am independent. It can be a struggle to work with because of my school schedule but I am definitely worth the booking.

Did a individual sparked your interest in being in front of the camera or was it natural?

Maya: Everything was natural. I am willing to open my mind and try things out if I believe it would benefit me.

What made you decide to get into this industry?

Maya: I have been paying for school out of pocket since like I was 18. So it started with camgirling but I moved on to the porn industry because I have a lot more time to focus on my homework and still make money.

Are you in any magazines?

Maya: Unfortunately no

Do you work with a particular company now or independent?

Maya: I am independent. It can be a struggle to work with because of my school schedule but I am definitely worth the booking.

Do you see the industry becoming saturated now?

Maya: I see the industry becoming more independent for models

If you can describe 2019 for you in one word. What would it be and why?

Maya: Unplanned. I would say unplanned because I didn’t think I needed to porn until I did. I never thought I would attend the university I do but I got accepted in. I never thought I would be this successful in one year. The year is full of accomplishments and I didn’t plan for any of them.

What is the best shoot you had so far?

Maya: I have done a lot of fun shoots. Many of them working with amateur producers. I love working with Net video girls when I did a shoot with them. It was my first major one. And I loved working with Side Hustle. The producer is a great guy to just converse with!

Did you ever think you would be this popular at this rate?

Maya: I never thought about the fame and popularity of being an adult model until someone mentioned it to me. I try not to think about it sometimes. I don’t want it to be my reasoning of why I do what I do. I post my content because I assume other people would enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed making it for the eyes.

Is this a hobby or do you see this as a career move for you?

Maya: I see it more like a hobby and a personal interest that also pays my bills. I am a full time college student so it does take away time and energy from the industry.

How often do you travel?

Maya: I travel at least one month. Lately like three times a month. Every week if you’re thinking about just leaving the city I reside

Give my readers a image of a day in your life.

Maya: I wake up to walk my dog and smoke a bowl. Then I pack my school bag and ride those rental scooters to class in a slutty outfit. I sit in class with a resting bitch face and Starbucks cup. Those are my typical Monday mornings.

What the strangest thing a fan did?

Maya: I don’t think I have experienced that yet.

What's the craziest/strangest request you ever heard?

Maya: I dominate men so to me they aren’t strange request but I would say convincing a guy on camera to shove a Heineken bottle up his ass. Yeah, proudest achievement.

What is one thing that people don't know about you?

Maya: Many people don’t know I rescued my dog and I ended rescuing a dog that has a bigger ego than I do.

Are you an exhibitionist? Would or have you did it in public?

Maya: I am totally an exhibitionist. It’s funny you asked because my mom is the one who told me {laughs}. I was in high school and my mother pointed how much I show my panties. “You always wear your underwear out your pants. “ {Laughs} it was really funny to me. I could walk completely naked down the street if it was legal. I’m a nudist. I have had sex in public so....

What sites are you featuring on now?

Net video girls, Bang bros (releasing soon), Manyvids: OD productions and OnlyFans: Maya Farrell

What would you like to tell the readers out there?

Maya: Keep on buying my content please. You paying for my tuition.

What future plans you got in store for us?

Maya: Make my content and getting more out there every week. Find me on Only fans and soon Manyvids.

Where do you see yourself in the 5 year range?

Maya: I see myself still in school. My goal is graduate with Ph.D in a field of genetics. When it comes to the sex industry, I will like to be known for my own content and dominatrix work.

Thanks Maya for the love. Be sure to check her out on Twitter: and on OnlyFans:

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