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Nurse Vicki: Operating Daily

Nurse Vicki is a Texas hottie that has been in the game for some time and like fine wine she gets better with age. John Biggs had the opportunity to talk to her about her introduction to the industry, what fans ask for, how she pleases the public and the life of a mature model.

How long you been doing webcam?

Nurse Vicki: Since 2003 or so first on the phone via nite flirts while camming on later on different cam show sites.

When was your first scene?

Nurse Vicki: About the same time.

When did you transitioned into perform in front of the camera? Nurse Vicki: Guys on the phone always asked me first for more photos then they wanted video and then cam shows! It's all fan driven! I like to please and of course earn! It's always been fun.

Have you encountered any crazy fans?

Nurse Vicki: Not really but I am careful not to let anyone move to fast into my life.

Has social media helped you get the boost you need?

Nurse Vicki: Yes Twitter especially is helpful as I've learned to use it more.

What you haven't done onscreen that you dying to do?

Nurse Vicki: Lots of things as i am always growing and finding new things to interest me! I do have a desire to be tied to a rail road track and the train is coming as I struggle to get free

What is your favorite scene that you shot this year?

Nurse Vicki: A damsel in distress video as a waitress taken by a graphic Artist who shot photos and did the video.

do you masturbate a lot off camera?

Nurse Vicki: Yes most of my masturbation happens during my phone sex calls. I been working on as nursevicki since 2002. That's 17 years so it is a fun job most of the time and I enjoy playing with myself as I help my patients explode.

What is your favorite position?

Nurse Vicki: Again depends on ones partner

but I love these positions are my legs over his shoulders, then doggy and side by side scissor style.

what's a automatic cum for you? penetration or foreplay?

Nurse Vicki: Neither or both since it depends on my mood. his skill and the situation.

What is your favorite fetish?

Nurse Vicki: Bondage and gagging on my man's cock

What is your least favorite fetish?

Nurse Vicki: Breath play

What fetishes you have?

Nurse Vicki: Way too many to list but some of my faves are foot worship, being tied up a damsel in distress,

spanking (giving and receiving) and even some more taboo but I wont go into those here.

Would you do cream pies?

Nurse Vicki: I have before but only with someone I am in a committed relationship with and we both been tested.

Can you Squirt?

Nurse Vicki: Yes multiple times!

Are you into titty fucking?

Nurse Vicki: Yes

What make you different from the other new pornstars on the scene now?

Nurse Vicki: My Maturity and the fact that I treat my fans like friends and like to hear from them. I am open to them and their fantasy ideas for videos and photos. I got into this all so I am very caring, down to earth and easy to talk to.

Which sites can people see you at?

Nurse Vicki: When i am not on the phone , bbw videos includes sex,

mine domme videos, my submissive Videos,

where I cam sometimes My Twitter is

For the fans who may be reading this...what would you want to tell them?

Nurse Vicki: That I love hearing from them it makes me feel great! I always answer my emails where ever they find

me and I am grateful for their admiration, their great ideas and their love

Thanks to Nurse Vicki for the opportunity. Be sure to check her out on those sites listing above and also on, and

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