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New Music Alert: Can't Swim "Power" featuring Frank Carter

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Talk about fast and hard, this latest video from New Jersey's own Can't Swim featuring Frank Carter hits you in the face so quick you don't know what hit you and by the time you do it's too late. Can't Swim released their latest EP "Foreign Language" recently and already provided two videos the aforementioned above and "Filthy Rich" to promote. Power seems to be the track that's getting the most push as the band connects with hard hitting drums, fast riffs and lyrics to create moshpits everywhere. Make no mistake Can't Swim look to come and collect what's theirs with this collaboration and the fans will gobble it up. Less than 2 minutes the song rips everything into shreds to let the people know it's time to take control. Between the drums slapping and the guitars you would think it's a throwback but it's really 2019 and punk still incites the youth.

A good intro to the EP and definitely worth checking out. I always like to break the monotony for you guys and I gave you a tune to rock out too. Enjoy. Be sure to check out Can't Swim on tour and for more information go here:

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