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New Music Alert: Kut One & Nine "When Ah Pull Up"

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Australian producer Kut One has a new project coming out called "The Icons Vol 1 & 2" One volume features veteran Queens representative Neek The Exotic and the other features the ever stay hungry Bronx vet Nine. As you hear from the link above the first single that features Nine pretty much showcases Nine at his best with rough lyrics, gravel voice and a delivery that is unmatched by most. The new rob a bank anthem(the 80s babies know about these) has been updated courtesy of Kut One uses of pianos, snares and frantic pace production. Nine paces himself through every detail throughout the three minute track and it shows why he's still one of the top OG's in New York's underground. Kut One keeps it crisp and let Nine flow which provides a powerful combination.

Kut One's "The Icons Vol. 1 & Vol. 2" will be a digital only release via Chopping Block Records. Check out the stream and pre-order here:

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