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New Music Alert: Onyx - Ain't No Time To Rest ft Dope D.O.D (Prod by Snowgoons)

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It has been a long time since DaBLAST done a new music alert. You have to revert to the old blog to see the many ones posted and eventually blew up over time. This time it's different and special. One: It's Onyx from my side of town South (Suicide) Jamaica Queens and it's been a few years since we've heard anything new from them. Second: It's Onyx aka Mad Face Invasion. I got a link for their newest single which is produced by Snowgoons (more on them later) and features Dope D.O.D a group from the Netherlands that reminds me of classic Onyx(think of Bacdafucup era) The song which already have a video just released starts off Fredo Starr rhyming as if he still have a baldhead wearing Carhartts and Timbs from 1993. The ferociousness of his delivery hasn't calm down over time and the delivery aged like wine. The production which features classic boom bap that suits Fredo & Sticky's flow perfectly. Snowgoons crafted a beat structured around where the anger and frustration of Onyx and Dope D.O.D lyrics doesn't overpower the production. Sticky's verse where he talks about still being loved in the hood like fried chicken is classic Sticky. Even though he isn't the firestarter as he was in his younger days, he can command a song with his lyrics. Dope D.O.D chimes in which a couple of bars to show and prove that the next generation can take it from there and also respect their elders at the same time. The Snowgoons(told you we'll get to them) has been the go to team to help 90's rappers resurrect that classic boom bap feel (M.O.P. Sparta for example) or developing up and coming rappers like Viro The Virus. I feel like they never get their props as they should. I have listen to most of their catalog and I have yet to hear any inconsistencies in their production. Maybe they're too underground for recognition I guess but I will put up their body of work against any mainstream producer to prove my point.

Overall this single is the perfect introduction to get the public ready for their upcoming album(their second collaboration) and hopefully this relationship continues and provide us with more classic material.

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