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New Music Alert: LMNZ feat. Masta Ace, Flo Mega & DJ Robert Smith "Ideas"

I got another link in my inbox and watched the video. I said how come Europe appreciates the art of hip hop or culture better than America when we invented it. This video for the lastest single from LMNZ shows the difference and at the same time reminds us that introspective lyrics along with a melodic backdrop can bring out the intelligence hoodlums from anywhere. With Masta Ace, Flo Mega and DJ Robert Smith along side in tow, LMNZ made sure that each voice is not only presented but in a way that they're not overshadowed. Each artist shine and LMNZ made sure that it was needed.

This is a classic inspirational anthem that doesn't sound too preachy and hit the strings when need be. Listening to Masta Ace is like listening to fine wine over time. He just gets better and better over the years. His verse pretty sets the tone of what the song should be and Flo Mega's verse compliments the idea of the song. Overall the Europeans are stepping out and spewing out knowledge that we should know completely but instead we looking for google search to bail us out. Sad times we living in but nonetheless we in the States still trying.

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