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New Music Alert: The Suffers "Everything Here"

Houston's soul band of the future, The Suffers released a brand new video for the title track off their 2018 sophomore effort. These last couple of years have seen the band toured all over the States included a trip to Afropunk Brooklyn. The video which chronicles the current political climate of this country from different angles provides the cinematic viewpoint that the song needed. While we see people struggling in the video in different situations the song provides a little happiness that good things lies ahead(we can hope) As lead frontwoman, Kam Franklin showcases her chops alongside the smooth soulful sounds of the band. It makes me wonder how I now hearing about them and it's never too late to appreciate their talent. This video is a perfect match for the single as it shows a little sadness but a lot of hope. This is what "Everything Here" aspires to be: that song for all seasons no matter how you feeling at the moment.

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