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New Music Alert: Pink Elefants "Maryland"

It's about to close the year and the decade in style. Yes it been a interesting decade and a slow progressive one but nonetheless we still pushing on with a new concept for the new decade and beyond. For now let's talk about the new single from Maryland's own Pink Elefants, a new trio who combines Soundcloud hip hop with Old School Hip Hop and a splash of pop. If you check out their Instagram the bio will state 2 wannabe rockstars and a Soundcloud rapper which this video makes it accurate. I listen to the single and watch the video and was taken back by the simplicity where it's only the band inside a bar and that's it. The smoothed out hook along with Sammie Cakes lyrics make the single not only entertaining but holds you close until the end of the track. The production sounds crisp and helps each vocalist stands out and create a presence on the track. Finch Flores and illeven, the two singers aka wannabe rockstars according to the bio made sure that their presence in the video and the song was known. The melodic tones by them blending with the piano keys in the back make the song hypnotic. I must say that the song can stick in your head for some time which in this case is a good thing and hopefully this is the start of something great.

Check out "Maryland" video below and find more information on Pink Elefants here:

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