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2023 Brooklyn Film Festival: Bucolic

We caught up on Day 4 of the Brooklyn Film Festival and checked out the premiere screening of the Polish documentary film titled Bucolic. A film about a mother and daughter who lives in nature on the outskirts of town. The film chronicles the daily activities that the duo have to maintain their lifestyle and also taps into what makes her lives so mysterious. Watching the movie you can see a time lapse throughout as the mother and daughter travels into town for groceries and shopping for clothing. You also get to see a religious aspect where the duo seeks guidance from a priest who wants them to attend church more often. The strange relationship between the two is not discussed much as the director keeps some of their chemistry hidden. It's definitely a film that peaks the curiosity of how in these modern times that people can live away from society yet still relate as we see the daughter with cigarettes and a cell phone and the mother who rides her bike into town yet knows about modern health. The film is a quick run at 70 minutes and even though you don't get a chunk of their story but you will get a observation of no matter how different people live, we all long for interaction in some way. A good film and highly recommended, the director stated there will be more parts in the future.


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