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2023 Winter Film Awards: Miss Viborg

We got a couple more films to discuss about. To the Future, With Love is a short film about a trans teen named Hunter who is struggling dealing with his Guatemalan family expectations and wanted a life free and being closer to his boyfriend who resides in another state. The animated film takes the viewer along with Hunter as he tries to cope with having a significant other in another state and the daily struggles of his family not respected his gender identity. It's a great short for this time as people are often in conflict with their family moral support about gender identity. A film definitely relevant in these times. Great and informative. Next film is Track-Memoria. The film takes place in a alternate future where memories are stored in cassette tapes. Emilio uses these tapes to ignore the present and focus on the past. In doing so he ignores his job, boss and people. When the ability of going to the past is gone, Emilio do everything in his power to get access but realize the present needs attention too. A good watchable story but can drag a bit especially when Emilio interact with the homeless man on the corner. It's nice to see films with original ideas get recognition. We love the scenes where customers are digging through tapes looking for lost memories. It reminds us that even in a alternate time humans still looking for ways to keep the past preserved. A highly recommended film in the sci-fi category.

The film of the night and overall best film of the festival(foreshadowing) is Miss Viborg. A Danish film about a former beauty queen who deals her prescription drugs to earn and her relationship with her neighbor's daughter. The film have beautiful imagery as you see how social housing looks in Denmark along with the roads that truckers take to deliver. Solvej is the main character here who lives in social housing and is attacked in her apartment. While disobeying her doctor's orders to get bedrest she encounter her neighbor's daughter who wants a better life different than her mother's. Marianne Blicher who directed this feature gives us a insider's look at how people from different backgrounds can be in the same area yet have similar interests. A great script and great performances throughout the film keeps your eyes glued and entertained. We will go on record saying this by far the best film of the festival and one of the best independent films we've seen. Miss Viborg by the way did win best film of the festival on Awards night. Congratulations to them!


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