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ADIFF NYC 2022: Get Out Alive

Another film I was able to catch was the semi autobiographical musical titled "Get Out Alive" written and starring Nikki Lynette. A story where a woman in today's world of social media tries to navigate through the ups and downs while keeping her hope of becoming a famous artist alive. The film starts with a livestream where the main antagonist (Lynette) is painting and talks suicidal then the screen goes black. From there a collection of songs and images inspired by hip hop, r&b and jazz pops up on the screen as Nikki documents her beginnings and past trauma which leads her to a spiral of self doubt and self hate.

The backdrops throughout the film shows imagery of a constant struggle for Nikki throughout her life. As the music plays while she speaks to the screen you get a sense of fear and vulnerability because you wonder how could this be to why should she think like this. That is the beauty of the film you are concerned about her well-being yet thinking about where did it start? Nikki is great with the songs(some great rap lyrics) and gives a powerful story about mental health and how the person outside is not what's inside. You watch scene after scene, listening to each number and will definitely have a different perspective on mental health where you can shed a tear. Definitely worth the time to watch and learn, a brilliant ode to self perseverance.

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