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Brooklyn Film Festival 2024

This year we are honored to cover the Brooklyn Film Festival for another year. The itinerary is below for what to expect at this year's festival. Hopefully we'll see you there!

Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF) announced the film lineup for its 27th edition, Immersion. The 2024 edition will feature 36 World Premieres, 16 US premieres, 24 east coast debuts, and 43 first-time screenings in NY. In total, BFF will show, in competition, 138 features and shorts from 35 countries. The full lineup includes 12 narrative features and 10 documentary features, highlighted in this release. The festival will also present 40 narrative shorts, 24 documentary shorts, 28 animations, and 24 experimental films. Furthermore, 20 films will be shown, online only, as part of kidsfilmfest, now in its 20th year.

Over the course of the 10-day festival, Brooklyn Film Festival will present 42 two-hour film programs, 29 of which will be shown at Windmill Studios in Greenpoint, and 11 at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. The online lineup (all the films selected) will be available 24/7 from June 1-9. Tickets for theater screenings can be purchased in advance, online. All tickets purchased through the website, and passes for BFF theater programs are will-call, and can be picked up at Windmill Studios or at Wythe Hotel Cinema, once the festival begins.

On May 31, The East Coast premiere of the historical and poetic story, a choral in structure, a hybrid between documentary and fiction, Atikamekw Suns will kick off the festival. Directed by Chloé Leriche, it is the story of tragic loss and is freely inspired by the dreams, impressions, and memories of the victims’ loved ones. IMMERSION is the theme of the 27th Brooklyn Film Festival. A theme that reveals the festival intention, and the desire of our selected filmmakers, to tell stories in a vertical fashion. Stories that dive way beyond their own surface to force the audience to consider not only the obvious outcomes and meanings, but also the hidden and secretive ones. In the extremely complex historical and political moment that we are experiencing, we all need to be told, and possibly understand, the truth of things. Brooklyn Film Festival believes in the truthful spirit of the indie filmmakers and this year will offer the opportunity of a collective immersion triggered by the film programs, the Q&As at the end of the screenings, the various networking parties, and the infinite chats on social media. Enjoy the Immersion.

For more information go to BFF website:


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