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Brooklyn Film Festival: Polecat

Day 5 of the 26th Edition of Brooklyn Film Festival we caught another premiere screening this time of the Appalachian based thriller film titled Polecat. The film is about a young couple who tries to escape their small town by dealing drugs in a small city. Once in the city things turn for the worst as they run into a local biker gang who runs the city with a iron grip who wants the couple to pay them to stay or face the consequences. A tale of Southern poverty and the characters who will do whatever it takes to get out and stay out even if it means their life.

Director Hayley Vinson gives the audience a brilliant ode to what's life like for small town kids who wants to leave but don't have many options to know how to. The performances by Claire Pruett and Jeremy Gill as the couple is fantastic. They truly give the viewers a gripping look when being in love can cost everything yet brings everything together. Kevin McBee who plays Jens the leader of the gang gave a delightful performance as a man who takes what he wants without stopping. The visuals throughout the film is a combination of cloudiness (drug induced) and shocking as the drug abuse takes a toll of the couple. A good film if you looking for inspiration to get out but what will you do get there and where would you do. Polecat is a film worth checking out and looking for in the near future.


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