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Brooklyn Film Festival Review: Hell Is Empty

Another review from the festival, another narrative feature but this one is relates to the horror side of things. Hell Is Empty is a movie where a young woman gets married into a small cult controlled by a man only known as the Artist. As the Artist dictates where the women goes and eat even to the point of getting pregnant. Lydia, the protagonist whose presence causes disruption within the cult with her free spirited ways. The pregnant wife who goes by Saratoga is the focal point which leads to a tug of war between Lydia and the Artist. Their views for what is best for her causes mishaps and dissent among the cult. As the movie draws closer to its anticlimactic end you see where the line between religion and insanity is blurred. The writing draws from recent themes such as religion and women's rights even abortion. I think you will enjoy the acting as each character is deeply immersed into the world of the Artist. It is a enjoyable quick film(less than 90 minutes) and if you love comedy with a splash of suspense mixed with a little drama then this is the movie for you.

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