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Bushwick Film Festival: The Great Glitch

The Great Glitch is a complete head trip that you need to watch a couple of times to catch anything that you may have missed. Since it was screening at this year's Bushwick Film Festival we had one shot to dive into the trippy head spin that is the movie. The visuals is phenomenal and of course to really appreciate the glitching sounds and blips you must be intoxicated because being sober will only make your eyes hurt a bit. The Great Glitch or Children Of Paradise (which we feel is a better title given the nature of the film) is about a group of young people in Copenhagen who tries to navigate through life but have their issues gets the best and taking drugs doesn't help them either(you have to see the movie to know what we mean) Throughout the film the actors go through motions either from past experience or consumption of drugs. The film is grainy with the glitches popping up and distorted images. The friends are as follows: a couple who finds romance in drugs and poetry and the single gut gets involved with a underground activist network who plans are secret until the friend finds out what the true purpose is. The film can get a little confusing sometimes if you don't pay attention. One minute it's a acid trip and the next it's a portal into a matrix. The Great Glitch isn't that great but it not that bad either, If it kept to one story instead transported from reality to a hippie state it would be a solid film. However we must admit we was completely sober watching it so if we was intoxicated we would have enjoyed it better. Nonetheless we was lost and the scenes was fluid enough to keep us interested and the script needed more work. We would recommend to watch The Great Glitch/Children Of Paradise at your own risk


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