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CineKink 2023

Our first review at CineKink 2023 was the film block titled Ties That Bind. The films in the block represented tastes and predilection that brings individuals in the kink world together. The films in this particular block suited the theme well. First up was Down for Dee which is about a school teacher exploring different matches who appreciate her fetish for superheroes. A funny and entertaining film that will keep you forgetting that a teacher is trying to find a perfect match. Our Language Is Chaos is the next film and it was great. It's about a couple who invite a third party into their relationship and goes to therapy for it. One night on their way to therapy things get out of control and the lines of role play and real life becomes blurry. This was one of the best films of the block. Suspense, Comedy and a ending that no one saw coming. For twelve minutes Our Language Is Chaos is a poignant roller-coaster of emotions. The acting was great and the script was fantastic. Definitely one to look out for. Krush The Wrestler was next up and it was the most fascinating film out of the block because of the title character. Krush who is a wrestler by nature and a fan of professional wrestling turns his talents and skill set into the world of fetish videos. Staying in character is important to Krush no matter what video he provides for his fans. The fascination stems from the details he puts into his craft and the lengths he's willing or not to provide a service that can accommodate. It was impressive to see how wrestling fetish has become not only popular but detailed to a science. A very good film was thorough with it subject matter.

Gloryhole Theater was a blur and not in a good way. It's about a kink scene gone wrong and the decisions made that leads to the end. For two minutes it was quick but not painless. Good Girl was next. Side note check out the interview with the writer of the film, Haley Dercher on our Spotify. Good Girl is about Rachel, a Jewish girl who happens to be a ob/gyn and does everything that her family wants her to do but happens to be deprived of something intimate. Once her brain turns off and her body turns on her exploration of BDSM and physical desire kicks in and pops up in the most unusual places. A very paced film that covers relationships whether it's family or friends from every possibility that you think of. With a great script the cast suit their parts well especially Rachel played by Alexandra Rey. Good Girl is a nice lighthearted film that anyone can watch and relate to the characters. We definitely can see Good Girl circling the festival circuit for a while.

Oral History is a documentary about the last gay leather bar in New Orleans. A great depiction of time gone by through the 70s, 80s into the 2000s. You got a sense that the bar wasn't just a gay bar but a bar for anyone looking for a good time and a drink. Of course there are troubles such as the age of AIDS that affected the gay community all over and how the bar maintained as a haven but comfort for those trying to cope with what's happening. A great film that's informative and funny at the same time. State of Mind is a performance piece that highlights a power exchange relationship between two men that intertwine kink, leather and fetish. The men display different aspects of their relationship through poses in front of various screens. Safe Word is another relationship film where a emotional masochist must confront his faults after his Dom changes the rules of their relationship. A film where self examination takes center stage and questions should the players change themselves while the game is in play. We definitely think this was a great short narrative that showcases depths in relationships that needed a definition.

Trimming the Wick is a film about candle play that was a performance piece as well. While we enjoyed the wax play and dynamic between the characters. We felt that this film should have developed their meaning of offering and sacrifice a bit better. Then the last film titled Home Movies: Pervy Pets was a weird tale of humans behaving as pets yet still having human desire as humping and having sex. We didn't understand the concept that well and felt somewhat compelled to how this fit the theme. Overall ten films in this block and CineKink provided a great selection to stick in the middle of their festival weekend.


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