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Copyright Infringement Premiere

We got a chance to witness the world premiere of Copyright Infringement at the Brooklyn Film Festival. A documentary centered around contemporary artist, CJ Henry who uses social media to create a scavenger hunt for her artwork all the while getting possibly sued by different entities for her use of their images. The title of the documentary is what CJ calls her annual exhibition bka drops so that her artwork gets into the hands of her loyal fans that treats her art as invaluable. In the beginning of the documentary several art critics discuss how CJ has bucked the traditional art galleries by creating her own lane of giving people quality art and getting notoriety at the same time. She uses images from different individuals and sometimes artists to manipulate and put her own spin on them. Once she complete the design she can not legally sell them for profit hence a lawsuit so she puts them in a big box titled Copyright Infringement and drops them in random places all over the world. The film chronicles the most recent drop titled 4.0 meaning the fourth drop of her work which uses a theme from Damien Hirst and the chaos it takes just to get the items ready to dropped off. Her team traveling with her partake in the drops and gets frustrated with fans sometimes and even with each other.

The film touches on CJ's childhood a bit recognizing that she is not someone who went to art school but a girl with a vivid imagination and a skill that can not be taught. You even get a kick of how her family and husband talks about her in every sense possible. A great documentary about today's artist can survive with the tools of today and how art is now more consumed than before because modern technology.

Be on the lookout on Spotify for our interview with CJ, Frank the producer of the film and David the director of the film coming soon.


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