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DOC NYC 2022: How To Save A Dead Friend

Another documentary I was able to watch was "How To Save A Friend" A story about two lovers in Russia chronicling their lives during a ten year period. From the beginning to the untimely demise of one we get to witness drug abuse, depression, romance and rock music. Maryusya Syeoechkovskaya filmed a personal story about how she met her future husband and the trials and tribulations of their relationship. As teenagers growing up in the early years of Putin's regime to 2016 dealing with depression and witnessing their friends suffer through mental illness. Kimi(the husband) is introduced in the film by leading a band when he mets Maryusya who was a teenager at the time contemplating suicide. Once they meet, they become inseparable for the next couple of years. She even tours with the band at their shows. Living together they become dependent on drugs and each other until one incident creates a division between them which leads to divorce and unfortunately depression.

The documentary is a love letter where we see the struggles of young people in Russia who are witnessing chaos by the government but their way of living isn't enough to keep them going. Watching the couple go through mental illness and using drugs as a escape is frightening and fascinating at the same time because you know why but realize that the best way they handle situations. What's also runs throughout the documentary is how Russia looks through the eyes of the world and its elderly and young people. The look of what the government is trying to control and how they handle people who suffers mental health issues. I recommend this documentary for those interested in Russia especially what's going on now with the current war and for those who have relatives who going through issues. Give it a 8 out of 10.


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