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Recently the team got the opportunity to review a cult classic now digitally restored in 2K: Gasper Noe's Irreversible: Straight Cut. This is not a Director's cut but a cut that chronicles the events in the original version from beginning to end. When the film premiered in 2003 it sent shockwaves throughout the film world of its graphic detail of a night in Paris where three people lives are changed forever. A brilliant revenge film that left people's imagination run wild and wondered how can innocence be gone in a blink of a eye. The new cut which chronicles the events of the original release in order gives fans a different perspective on what were the cause or causes that lead to the frantic tragedy.

We never got the chance to watch the director cut which added more footage but got a idea of what it looks with this 2K restoration. The movie doesn't lose its edge, it actually gets edger with the new sequences. The 2k gives the film such a crisp, clean look that the most graphic scenes looks more disturbing. Kudos to the team for cleaning up the gritty look. When you watch from the beginning the movie takes on a different meaning because even though you know what happen the pristine visual brings a different lens here. If you love the original version you will definitely love the straight cut version.


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