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Movie Time Review" My Sailor, My Love

Another movie we got the chance to review was "My Sailor, My Love" directed by Klaus Haro (Mother of Mine, The Fencer). This romance film based in Ireland and focuses on a retired sailor (James Cosmo) living on the coast of Ireland who unexpectedly falls in love with his new housekeeper (Bríd Brennan). This new romance opens old wounds with his daughter, threatening their idyllic seaside love story. The film which is a TIFF selection can be considered as a family drama but it is so much more than that. The main characters which is Howard, the retired sailor, Annie the housekeeper who falls in love with Howard and Howard's daughter, Grace who hires Annie where each one intertwines with the other up until the climatic ending.

The film's beginning starts with Grace trying to find a way to manage her work schedule and helping Howard at the same time. However her marriage is crumbling and her relationship with her father is deteriorating. This is where Annie comes in and slowly builds up her friendship with Howard who in turn neglects his own family. The movie is a interesting story because you feel for Grace but when realizes she's getting in her own way then you feel for Howard who is trying to live out the remainder of his life happy. Annie is mostly the middleman for most of the movie until she develops feelings for Howard and then eventually falls on his side. There is great cinematography as the beautiful oceanside views of Ireland gives the tension between Grace and Howard a climatic backdrop and even gives a calm sense when Howard is with Annie's huge family. The scenery is definitely the greatest focal point of the film. The plot could have tried to dig in a bit deeper on the reason behind Howard's and Grace's strained relationship instead we get bits through Grace as she rants with Annie or her husband. A great script nonetheless and dialogue between the actors and actresses is magnificent.

Klaus Haro did a great job directing the actors with great timing and precise shots. The performances by James Cosmo and Catherine Walker (Grace) should be commended because it was outstanding. I definitely see this film dominated the festival circuit in the future. My Sailor, My Love is producing by Music Box Films. Directed by Klaus Haro. Starring James Cosmo, Brid Brennan and Catherine Walker.


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