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Movie Time: Sticker Movie

It is the end of 2023 but there are films that need your attention and Sticker Movie is one of those ones. There is time to see this documentary in exclusive screenings. When there is one it is highly recommended that you see it. For those in the art space knows all too well what sticker art is and how it has become a medium for expression and political thoughts. For the average person or non artist seeing stickers in streets and on mailboxes is common yet don't know why people do it. Sticker Movie explains both worlds and share context on how stickers even help the artists themselves in their lowest point.

Sticker Movie is a documentary about sticker art, the artists behind the stickers and their inspirations. In the beginning you meet a hand puppet named Slappy who walks the viewer through the film as a guide to the history of sticker art, where you should stick stickers without getting caught and how artists expand their art into other cities without leaving. The documentary explores how stickers are created with various backdrops some are handmade and some use old mailing labels (label 228) from the U.S. Post Office. The reason for using them is great because you get to understand their purpose and why the post office changes the appearance over the years. Director Will Deloney got some of the biggest artists who uses stickers to sit down and talk about their impact and reasoning of using them plus you have a insight to see that this keeps them going.

The influence of hip hop is also discussed especially the rapper MF Doom who unfortunately passed away in 2020 and his distinctive image is a template for most artists and music is a soundtrack to their creative mind. Of course the old school anesthetic of collaboration like rappers do is also big in the sticker world and discussed just as thoroughly as MF Doom. The film becomes a advocate of mental health awareness as we see several artists discuss how the sticker community help cope with their struggles and been a good influence in their daily lives. This part was definitely inspiring and informative at the same time. Once that part passes you get into the effort of making sticker art a worldwide community that anyone can join either as collectors or artists.

Overall Sticker Movie is a great documentary about a concept that took off and for those who are involved whether from the beginning or now appreciate the notoriety that comes with it. For those curious to know more this is a great starting point to research then take it from there. Mainly this is a sticker collector's dream. It May scratch the surface but we think that was the intent so the concept do not get over exposure. Like in the beginning this is a highly recommended film and important to the culture.

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