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Movie Time: The Coffee Table (La Mesita Del Comedor)

When we heard about The Coffee Table, we said interesting then we read the synopsis and our ears perked up when we heard the name and the country is based in. Let's talk about the details of the film first: The original title is La Mesita Del Comedor, The director is Caye Casas who also co wrote the screenplay and Cinephobia Releasing is distributing the release on our shores for a limited release. It stars David Pareja, Estefanía de los Santos, Josep Riera, Claudia Riera, Eduardo Antuña. The film will release in VOD on May 14th.

The film starts with a couple (Jesus and Maria) with a newborn baby and they about to purchase a coffee table for their apartment. The coffee table is hideous according to Maria but Jesus wants to buy it because he had no say in the baby's name or having one. They start arguing and eventually buy it and once it gets shipped to the apartment that where everything goes awry. The neighbor and her daughter get involved with Jesus and Maria puts the baby in Jesus' care. Things gets scary, cruel and haunting all at once. The Coffee Table to us is probably the most cruel twist of fate movies that we have ever witnessed. The script is so compelling with a bit of dark humor to it that one wouldn't know if it's a horror or suspense film. The cast do a great job with the script especially Estefanía de los Santos who plays Maria, a woman who knows what she wants in life but doesn't know her partner all too well. She is definitely the focal point of the movie from the beginning to the horrific end of the film. Her character is a bridge to all the other characters due to her opinions on all of them. David Pareja as Jesus is frightening yet charming due to his approach after the incident with his newborn. The coffee table is the star of the film but you never see the actual table until the end of the film but the symbolism of the table is primarily a vehicle to whoever interacts with it causes problems. Caye Casas did a great job of directing this suspense and giving the audience a great thriller to start 2024. We definitely recommend seeing it when it is released in VOD.


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