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Review: Almost Home

Another movie that we was able to see was "Almost Home" which is about a teenager boy who immune deficient trying to go back to Earth against his mother's wishes. This German film directed by Nils Keller whose films have been screened in various film festivals uses a developing pandemic(interesting) as the protagonist in this tale of becoming a adult. The film starts as Jacob who walks around in crutches maneuvers around the station in a wheelchair as his mother navigate the ship they been living in for two years. As they talk about heading back to Earth and finally reconnecting with Jacob's father. News spreads about a outbreak of a mysterious virus affecting the population. This is where things gets interesting among the family.

As Jacob's mother receives more news on the outbreak and how it can possibly make him sick, his father intervene and tries his best to convince Jacob that he will be taken care of and his mom shouldn't be worrying. The dialogue in between is brilliant as you can see parents not only concern for their son but their livelihood as well. The actors are great and the cinematography is spot on for this concept as Jacob may or may not enter a whole new world. As a short film that has been shortlisted for the Oscars we can see why this film was considered. It's heart wrenching yet moving as the family realizes Jacob have to decide what he truly wants to survive. It is a well written story and the performances are great. Highly recommended.


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