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Review Time: Water Seed "Pink" & "Sounds of the Wasteland Vol.1"

Today we got a chance to tap into new music from a band that we did not know of but will be checking for in the future. Water Seed is a band who incorporates r&b, hip hop, rock, electronica and pop. We got a opportunity to listen to their new material: A new ep and another EP of previous released material. Sounds of the Wasteland Vol. 1 is a short, snappy and soulful trip through the many styles of the band. The first track "Winners" which features a soulful rap by Pell is funk guitar driven by a thumping bass that will knock speakers fuses out. The next track titled Face in the Crowd is a inspirational song that will lift you up from your feet and keep you moving to where you need to go and work at it. Hold You Through the Night is a good break from the energetic sounds from the beginning and let the listener feel at ease with the chorus of "We bring the fire tonight" Water Seed lays the track thick with clap sounds and a smooth keyboard to bring out the airy feel of the vocals. Sounds of the Wasteland Vol.1 is a great warmup for what comes next from the band. We are glad to get some soul funk material to cover for a change.

Water Seed is not finished yet as they dropped another project of previously released material from the last couple of years. Titled Pink the songs featured comes from the 2020 election to the pandemic and beyond. The lead track called 45 is in reference to the 45th president Donald Trump. The references in the song are still resonate due to the ongoing issues with Trump. The beat fits the song perfectly as Kr3wcial (Crucial) raps about the shortcomings of the previous president then a hilarious chorus chimes in. Another highlight of Pink is 24 Days which is a infectious bass track that can get your day going no matter what you going through. Our personal favorite is Redline another futuristic funky theme which can be considered revolutionary yet inspirational. Each release is a funky party that doesn't last long unfortunately. To listen to these releases check out their website

Also catch the band for a July residency in Nublu located on 151 Loisaida Ave in Manhattan. Check out the band website for information and tickets.


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